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7.87 Inches Clear Bongs Glass

Joint Size:18mm female

Glass Thickness:3mm

Weight:Approx 0.4LB(180g)

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Color:Clear and Green

Dimenstions:Approx 7.87 Inches in Height / Glass Tube 50mm(Middle) 18mm(Top) in diameter / Base 62mm in diameter

Joint Size:18mm female

Glass Thickness:3mm

Weight:Approx 0.4LB(180g)

Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glass

Inline Dentation Frame Perc


This awesome inline perc bubbler was designed for oils, waxes, and concentrates.  Not only does it come with a sick gridded inline perc, but then a unique orb style diffuser.  Straight tube piece, comes complete with a dome and nail.


Inline Perc - These percs allow for a simple under the water diffusion.Commonly a glass stem that runs beneath the water with slits that allow for the smoke to diffusion by passing through the water. 

Dewar's Joint - Reinforced with a technique called a "dewar's joint",which is a bridge between the two joints,this increase the strength of the joint and helps prevents breakage.

Straight Tube - A straight tube is your quintessential water pipe.Stacked so that smok filters through in a linear space,the smok rises up the straight tube and into your lungs.Nothing beats the classics.

Unmarked Glass - For those that like th refined minimalist look,unmarked clean glass is for you.This style means the glass is not branded or cluttered with decals,it's just clean glass,pure and simple


Specialized in manufacturing quality and colorful 7.87 inches clear bongs glass, LONGRUNGUANLIAN is one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can offer you customized products. Welcome to buy or directly wholesale our discount and cheap bulk 7.87 inches clear bongs glass in stock.

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