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Hookah Glass Polishing Technology Detailed
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Theory and bake port mechanism forming glass hookah, glass products these defects can be improved by surface flame treatment, which is glassware flame polishing surface. Surface polishing glass articles broader range of applications, to make glass products have a certain shape, in the actual production have to use a certain tooling, so contact with the glass surface will leave a mark on the mold, while forming a small mouth when the bottom of a large article to remove the products, mold need to adopt the split, it will leave the surface of the article outwardly projecting line marks, which are manufactured with precision molds, old and new, molding clamping force, forming force size, and closely related to the temperature of the glass and mold, the mold cooling structure.

Hookah glass processing requirements must be careful, because you want to use high-temperature cooking fire there, so the slightest mistake is likely there will be some danger, so regardless of any production, the security is the most important.