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Glass Hookahs Relief Forming What Effect
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Glass water pipe, glass water pipes, and a series of products, are of glass, they are generally taken by the glass, then cut, and then cut to shape and then paste it on a flat surface, so that the formation of these products . Paste them in when there are many different ways to allow them to molding, such as pressing, that is, after it is heated, and then hot-pressed abrasive inside, this modeling methodology molded product form very plump and curve is very smooth, giving a very strong three-dimensional feeling. But also to create a relief effect.

The glass hookahs Mosaic law is to some plexiglass blocks of different colors, cut into geometric figures that we need, and then stitching mosaic floor above, this method is very strict requirements of the job, we need to be very splicing tight corners and then also need to be very clear, so as to receive a strong sense of color but also feels seamless, there will be a lot of unexpected sense.