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Glass Bongs How Into China
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Glass water pipe at the beginning, this is not what we see now, after generations of product updates have today, let's look at the glass water pipe in the original form and how it entered China, now developed into so popular craft it.

Glass water pipe in the Western Han Dynasty traffic developed, outside the glass when will pass China, Qiong Han River County, Jiangsu Province in the east will be a has unearthed three purple, white and white glass fragments, the recovery after the one with protruding ribs decorated flat bowl, its composition, type of tire and stir techniques are typical of Roman glass, a glass which is passed in China's western physical evidence. Another Nanyue Mausoleum also unearthed a blue plate glass plaques, is not seen elsewhere in China. Southern and Northern Dynasties, Western glassware massive importation of Chinese, also pass into the joint and several blown glass technology.

From the above description we can find, change the product experienced a very long development process, even with the development of our common history, since ancient times have always been like, indicating that this really is a very good product .