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Hookah must be placed under hosed
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Hookah must be placed under water rinse, this is his very normal a clear step, so we should be very clear, first of all we need to replace some of the water inside it, and in addition to kiss, we also can accompany him inside with some other critics, however, we must remember that do not fill it up some of the carbonated products,

And we also put Hookah top pallet Yan unloaded, cleaned must remember have to be cleaned. There is also an intermediate him filtered water, so be sure to wash him very carefully, so as to some of the dirt inside it exists completely cleaned out.

After this series of the cleaning work is completed, we can clean the glass hookah and install, after installation is complete, you can put it in a box inside for safekeeping. But if it is in the winter time, apart from this series of cleaning, but also we need to deal with some warm water.

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