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Glass water pipe advanced technology
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Glass water bong is our factory research and production of new products to meet the needs of a small part of the audience. For example, he said asthma patients, they are not entirely able to smell the smoke, not to mention smoke traditional cigarette nicotine, carbon monoxide and nicotine and other chemicals will cause serious damage to their airways. To alleviate this problem, we studied glass bongs advanced technology for production.

Here I will briefly introduce you to our this product. First, our products expected of them smoke, tobacco content of nearly 30% less than traditional cigarettes, which intangibles reduces the harmful gases emitted by the combustion of chemical substances, we use fruit pulp and add musk and mint medicine so that smokers inhaled and exhaled gases pleasant fragrance, even in patients with asthma also perfectly acceptable, this is our advanced production technology, glass water pipe use.

More information about our new products to introduce here, if you find it useful or our products are interested, they can contact us and we will send professional staff to provide you with good service quality.