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Clear Glass Bongs Straight Type 13 Inch Height Pineapple Perc Big Glass Bongs Glass Smoking Water Pipes

Height:13 Inches

Glass Tube:70mm in diameter

Base Diameter:110mm in diameter

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Height:13 Inches

Glass Tube:70mm in diameter

Base Diameter:110mm in diameter

Male / Female Joint Size:18mm Male

Glass Thickness:5mm

Net Weight:710g

Material: Premium-Grade Borosilicate Glass

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We are a factory that believes in quality, customer service and value. You won't find these prices at your local head shop, that is because we cut out the middle man and ship directly to you.

Our beautifully hand-blown, these Inferno Glass Spoon Pipes feature color combinations and designs which will never be exactly reproduced. They are fantastic for every day use as they are small, handy and look great on display.

Each piece is a unique work of art in its own right, and exact dimensions and color variations may differ from piece to piece, ensuring your veryown Inferno Glass Spoon Pipe is truly special to you.

-Create, colored, hand-held spoon type pipe with a unique design.

-For smokers that are on-the-go with easy to clean tube and bowl surfaces.

-With a "continuous" surfaced and contoured design, no dirt and grim gets caught in any internal crevices.

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