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5.4" Inches Assorted Honeycomb Pipes


High Quality Thick Glass

Handcrafted by Glassworks

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5.4" Long Glass Spoon Pipe


High Quality Thick Glass

Handcrafted by Glassworks

Hand-Blown Glass Pipe

Left Carb Hole


This pipe features a side devil hook. The tail is all black with a white head. The bowl is reversible designed to make a cool wig wag look. This is a very hip pipe and takes a lot of time to blow by the artists. It is said that this product is based on an ancient Chinese story generated. A long time ago, there are seven children because they look like a long gourd, so their grandfather named him gourd. 7 gourd child and grandfather living together, they are very happy. But there is always a goblin to destroy their lives, children and grandfather to their homes, and ultimately get rid of the goblins, they therefore again a happy life together. Therefore, according to the manufacturer of the story made him a product

Specialized in manufacturing quality and colorful 5.4" inches assorted honeycomb pipes, LONGRUNGUANLIAN is one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can offer you customized products. Welcome to buy or directly wholesale our discount and cheap bulk 5.4" inches assorted honeycomb pipes in stock.

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